Recipe for tasty Vegetable Cutlets – 12 Mar 16


Today I would like to give you the recipe for a snack item which we are now offering at Ammaji’s Ayurvedic Restaurant: vegetable cutlets! You can dip them into chutney or sauce, you can put them into a burger or simply eat them plain as well!

Vegetable Cutlets

A tasty snack with vegetables which can be offered in various ways!

How long does it take to prepare Vegetable Cutlets?

Total Time:


100 g Potatoes
20 g Beans
15 g Carrots
15 g Cauliflower
15 g Broccoli
20 g Green Peas
30 g Corn Flour
15 g Breadcrumbs
a small piece fresh Ginger

Salt and Pepper according to Taste
Extra breadcrumbs for coating
Oil for deep-frying
Tomatoes, cucumber and cabbage for decoration

How to prepare Vegetable Cutlets

Start by boiling the potatoes in one pot and separately the other vegetables in another one. Both, the vegetables as well as the potatoes should be semi-boiled, making them soft but not mashed inside. For the vegetables, this would take about five minutes on high heat and for the potatoes, you can check after about ten minutes with a knife whether they are soft. In this way, you can nicely peel the potatoes and grate them afterwards. The vegetables need to be cut in very small pieces. Peel the ginger and chop it in very small pieces as well.

Mix the potatoes, the vegetables, ginger, corn flour and the breadcrumbs all together, mixing it all very well. Once you have a nice paste, you can make balls and form them into a shape you like – for example drops like we did. Finally, turn those pieces in breadcrumbs to create a nice coating, heat up the oil for deep-frying and gently let the cutlets slide into the hot oil. Deep-fry them and turn them from time to time to make them golden from all sides.

Take them out and decorate them for serving.


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