Til ki Gajak – Recipe for a quick and crunchy Sesame Dessert – 3 Jan 15


As I told you already, we have been here in Gurgaon without having planned it for another night – and while I had not prepared any dish for which I could give you the recipe today, Ramona actually learned something from our friends on our short holiday: Til ki Gajak, a sweet snack made with sesame seeds. Try it – it is very sweet but also very tasty!

Til ki Gajak – Sesame Dessert

Make a delicious sweet yourself – quick and easy!

How long does it take to prepare Til Ki Gajak?

Total Time:


20 tbsp Sesame Seeds
10 tbsp Sugar
a golfball-sized piece of Jaggery (raw cane sugar)
15 Rose Petals

How to prepare Til ki Gajak

Heat up a pan on your stove and give the sesame seeds into it. Stir so that they get nicely roasted. Once they have a slightly darker colour, take them out of the pan and into a bowl by the side.

Prepare the jaggery by breaking the piece into small crumbs. This is necessary for it to melt nicely afterwards. Clean your working space and spread a little bit of oil – you will roll out your sweet there later.

Now you place the sugar into the pan for caramelizing. Keep on stirring so that the sugar does not burn. After a short while, it will melt and turn liquid.

When all the sugar is liquid, add the jaggery pieces while stirring and keep on stirring while they dissolve as well. Once they have dissolved, turn the heat low and add the sesame seeds while continuously stirring.

Now you can add the rose petals as well. When everything is nicely mixed, turn off the stove and empty your pan on the spot that you prepared before with oil.

Spread the paste with a spoon as much as possible. It is sticky but just try to make it a bit flatter. Wait now until the top layer of the paste is a little bit cooler so that it won’t stick to your rolling pin. Take the rolling pin and roll from the middle out to the border with force. Press down, so that the paste gets really flat and thin – until about 5 mmm! It costs some strength but the thinner it is, the tastier it is!

Finally, you take a pizza roller knife and slice the sheet quickly into squares or another desired shape. If you do it now, it will work nicely while later, the only possibility to make it smaller is to break it apart!

You can enjoy this sweet warm or cold for a long time after. It is just delicious and we love it on cold winter evenings!

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