Sookhi Moong ki Dal – dry Moong Lentils – 21 Jul 12


In summer, one likes to eat light but you still need to take care that you get your necessary vitamins and proteins. The vitamins are easy in a nice summer – everywhere is delicious fruit that invites you to indulge in healthy sweetness full of vitamins. But what about your proteins? If you are not in the mood to eat hot lentil soup, which we would call a normal ‘Dal’ dish, I want to suggest you another lentil dish which is light, nutritious and fits to your summer mood: Sookhi Moong ki Dal – dry Moong Lentils.

Sookhi Moong ki Dal – dry Moong Lentils

Try a light and yummy lentil dish that is great also in summertime when you want to get proteins but not eat liquid lentil dishes!

How long does it take to make Sookhi Moong ki Dal?

Preparation Time:
Cooking Time:
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1 small bowl peeled and split Moong Lentils
1 ½ small bowls Water
1 Lemon
1 tsp Cumin
A few fresh Coriander Leaves
Salt according to taste

How to make Sookhi Moong ki Dal?

For this very easy recipe, you start by washing your lentils and putting them into a pot. Add the water on top and place the pot onto your stove. Get the water to boil and let the lentils get cooked at medium heat. You need to stir from time to time to make sure no lentils stick to the bottom of your pot.

If you like to save a few minutes later, you can squeeze the juice of the lemon now. Another part of preparation for serving time is to take a small pan, place it onto your stove and add the cumin seeds into it. Roast them without any oil or fat until they smell nicely and have slightly changed their colour. Put the seeds into a mortar and crush them until only powder is left. Finally you can wash the coriander and pick off the leaves from the stem. And in between, don’t forget to stir your lentils!

After about twenty minutes you will notice that the lentils are cooked soft and the water is either in the lentils or evaporated. Keep on stirring now until the water is really fully gone. Switch off the stove and get your lentils out into a bowl or onto a plate.

Sprinkle salt over it as well as the lemon juice. Mix it well and add the roasted cumin powder in the end, just before adding the coriander leaves. They don’t only look nice, they also taste great!

You can enjoy this dish as a snack or together with a full meal. It is tasty, easy and it gives you lots of proteins!


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