You are currently viewing Pudina Raita – cooling Mint-Yoghurt-Dip for hot summers – 15 Jun 13

Pudina Raita – cooling Mint-Yoghurt-Dip for hot summers – 15 Jun 13

It has become quite warm here in Germany, too, a fact that we enjoy very much! When it gets hot, it is always good to eat something that cools you down and I have exactly the right recipe for such a dish: Pudina Raita, a yoghurt sauce or dip with mint that cools you down!

Pudina Raita – cooling Mint-Yoghurt-Dip

Cool down in the middle of a heated summer! Prepare a tasty and easy mint dip that tastes great as a side dish or with bread and plain rice!

How long does it take to make Pudina Raita?

Total Time:


400 g Yoghurt
200 ml Water
20 g Fresh Mint Leaves
1/2 tsp Black Salt
1 tsp Cumin

Salt according to taste

How to make Pudina Raita?

Wash the mint leaves properly and pick them off the stems. Put them all into a blender and make a nice paste out of this.

Mix the yoghurt with the water and blend this mixture for a minute or two so that it gets slightly foamy. Now you add the mind paste and mix it well.

Now take a pan and put cumin into it without any kind of fat. Let it roast until it is dark brown and smells in the whole room. Take it out into a mortar and grind it to powder. Add the powder, the black salt and the salt into the Raita.

And that’s it – simple but delicious! Enjoy!

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