Idli Masala – Recipe for Steamed Rice Cakes in delicious Spice-Mix – 19 Mar 16


Today I want to give you the recipe for a dish which uses Idli, for which I already wrote you the recipe, and makes something even better out of them! So you have those tasty and healthy rice cakes, which I anyway love, and add some even tastier spices and tomatoes to them, creating a fully different dish which even those love who don’t like the rather simple taste of only Idli!

Idli Masala – Steamed Rice Cakes in delicious Spice-Mix

Spice up your breakfast and make it tastier than ever with this variation of regular Idli!

How long does it take to prepare Idli Masala?

Preparation Time:
Cooking Time:
Total Time:


4 Idli
1 tbsp Olive Oil
4 Tomatoes
a small piece of Ginger
5 Curry Leaves
20 g big black Mustard Seeds
1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Black Salt
1 tsp Mint Powder
1 tsp Cumin
2 tsp Mango Powder

Salt according to Taste

How to prepare Idli Masala

Obviously, you will need to make Idli first, in order to make Masala Idli. For that you can take the help of our recipe which I have published before.

Start by washing the tomatoes and then cutting them in small pieces. Peel the ginger and cut that, too, in very small pieces. If you don’t like tasting pieces of ginger in your meals, you can instead also grate it to a paste and use that. Roast the cumin seeds in a pan without fat and grind them in a mortar to powder. Now, in a separate bowl, mix the salt, black salt, mint powder, cumin and mango powder together. Finally, you cut the Idli into four pieces.

Now you can start heating up oil in a wok. Once it is hot, put the mustard seeds, the turmeric powder and the previously mixed spices and finally the curry leaves into the oil. Stir, so that the spices don’t burn but can develop their aroma.

Once the spices are changing their colour and get dark, you can add the tomato pieces. Mix them well with the spices and keep on stirring so that the tomatoes get hot. You can use your cooking spoon to slightly press and mash them.

When the tomatoes are hot, add the pieces of Idli into the wok. Sprinkle some salt over the Idli and tomatoes and gently mix everything together. Let this mixture get cooked for two to three minutes while you gently stir from time to time.

Add some fresh coriander leaves from top and decorate it as per your wish.


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