Bread ka Halwa Recipe – Indian Bread Pudding – 31 May 14


We are enjoying our time here in Southern Germany with Ramona’s family. Of course, when we get together, we enjoy eating great food and afterwards, we mostly have ice-cream. While we love this dessert, I thought you might appreciate the recipe for another, more Indian one: Bread ka Halwa.

Bread ka Halwa – Indian Bread Pudding

Don’t know what to eat for dessert? Try this one – it is easy and you most probably have the ingredients at home!

How long does it take to prepare Bread ka Halwa?



6 pieces of Toast
400 ml Milk
2 tbsp Ghee
50 g Raisins
50 g Cashew Nuts
200 g Sugar

How to prepare Bread ka Halwa

Heat up the milk in a pot. In the meantime, you can break the toast into pieces, about six pieces of each slice of toast. You can also use the time to break the cashew nuts into small pieces. The milk should be warm but not boiling. Once it is warm, keep it on the stove on low heat in order to keep it warm.

Take a deep non-stick pan and add the ghee. Heat it up and, when it is hot, add the pieces of bread into it. Stir them until they are brown and crunchy. Once they are, add the raisins and the cashew nuts. After stirring once, add the sugar as well. The sugar will get warm and melt with the heat.

As soon as the sugar has melted, add the milk into the pan. Keep on stirring and cook the milk for another five minutes so that the mixture gets thick.

When it is has reached the desired density, switch the stove off, put your Bread ka Halwa in a bowl and let it cool down. You can put a few cashew nuts or pieces of nuts on top of your dish for decoration.

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