Aam Shrikhand Recipe - Mango Yoghurt Dessert - 14 Jul 12
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Now monsoon rains have started and with the rain, mango season will soon come to an end. For now however there are still the last mango types on the market and that gives me a reason to write another mango recipe, Aam Shrikhand. Shrikhand is a yoghurt dessert originated in Gujarat, traditionally with cardamom and pistachio pieces but we will make a variation today and add mango instead.

Aam Shrikhand – Mango Yoghurt Dessert

The recipe for a delicious yoghurt dessert that combines sweet mangoes with yoghurt.

How long does it take to make Shrikhand?

Preparation Time:
Total Time:



500g Sweet Mangoes
1kg Yoghurt
200g Sugar

How to make Aam Shrikhand?

You need a fine cotton cloth in which you put the yoghurt and then hang it over your sink or over a bowl. In this way the water of the yoghurt starts dripping out of it and your yoghurt gets more and more thick. The time that you need for preparing this dish depends very much on the yoghurt that you use. If your yoghurt is very liquid, it will take longer, even several hours, and it would be advisable to use a bit more yoghurt. If it is thick, your Shrikhand will be ready more quickly.

While the yoghurt is straining, you can wash the mangoes, peel them and take out the stones. We will, as usual, use the pulp. Put the pulp into a blender together with the sugar and blend it so that it becomes puree.

Once the yoghurt is solid, it is done and you can take it out in a big plate or a bowl. Now you have to get your hands into the yoghurt to knead it and mash it in order to make it creamy. Mix the mango and the sugar into it and when it is fully mixed, put it all into a bowl.

Now you only need to cool it down in the fridge for a while and then your Aam Shrikhand is ready! It tastes great simply on its own or with fruit and in India we even eat it with bread. Enjoy!

A quick way to make Shrikhand

This is how we process the yoghurt here but there is another, quicker way. In Europe I have eaten greek yoghurt many times and that is already very thick and creamy. Just use this yoghurt and you can save the time for straining out the water!

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