Aam ka Panna Recipe – Raw Mango Mash or Drink – 26 May 12


Now it is really summer here in Vrindavan. Every day it reaches 45 degrees centigrade and the whole day long there is a wind which – if seen from inside the room – gives you the illusion of a nice cool breeze moving the trees. When you go out though, you realize it is hot wind that makes your skin hurt. The sun burns down on you and you feel like taking a cold shower. The water in the pipes however is hot, too, and if you don’t want to burn yourself, you first need to let some water flow out before it is a bit cooler. Not cold, not even cool, but at least not hot anymore.

You can imagine that in this weather you enjoy eating fruit and not much warm food. We drink lots of water the whole day long and enjoy some summer specialties such as Aam ka Panna. I will give you the recipe for this dish made of unripe mangoes which can be taken liquid, as a drink, or only mashed. It is refreshing and really nice in the heat.

Aam ka Panna – Raw Mango Mash or Drink

A delicious, refreshing summer dish that is tasty and hats lots of vitamins. Play with the ingredients and find your own mixture!

How long does it take to make Aam ka Panna?

Preparation Time:
Cooking Time:
Total Time:


4 Raw, Unripe Mangoes
50 g Fresh Mint Leaves
1 tsp Cumin
1 pinch Black Salt
Salt, water and sugar according to taste

How to make Aam ka Panna?

Although you won’t eat the peel, you should wash your mangoes before you start. After washing, put them into a pot with water and place that pot onto the stove, getting the water to boil. Let the mangoes boil for ten to fifteen minutes until they are fully soft inside. An alternative to boiling which will also give a nice taste, is baking them in an oven until the inside is soft.

When you take them out of either oven or boiling water, you need to put them in cold water first so that they can cool down. Once they are cold you can peel of the skin and take out the pulp into a bowl. Take a spoon and scratch the rest of the pulp from the peel and the stone. Put the pulp in a bowl and mash it nicely with a fork.

Now you take the mint leaves and grind them to a nice paste. Put a pan on the stove and when it is hot, add the cumin into it. Roast it until it has darkened a bit and developed a nice aroma. Grind it to powder and then mix the cumin, the mint and some salt into the mango mash.

If you like your Aam ka Panna like this, strong and sour, you can just stop at this point. You can take small amounts for example with bread or rice.

If you don’t like it that sour, you can mix water and make a sauce or even a drink out of it. And if you like it sweet, just mix some sugar into it! You can also mix sugar into the mash without adding water – however you like it best! Enjoy!


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