Recipe for Indian Cheesecake without Sugar and without Baking – 24 Jan 15


If you are looking for an egg-free, gluten-free and even sugar-free cake, you can try this one: our Indian cheesecake with fresh paneer. You don’t even need an oven! Try it at home – it’s delicious!

Indian Cheesecake without Egg, Sugar and without Baking

Make an eggless, sugarless cheesecake without oven!

How long does it take to prepare this Indian Cheesecake?

Total Time:

Additionally one night for the water to be pressed out of the paneer.


4 l Milk
4 Lemons
5 tbsp Honey
some Saffron Threads for decoration

How to prepare this Indian Cheesecake

First of all you have to prepare paneer, which you can do according to this recipe. It is best to do this the evening before you need your cake, as you will then have to place your paneer in a fine cotton towel under heavy weight overnight. This can be a big pot with water for example. This weight will press out all remaining water from the paneer.

In the morning, you remove the paneer from the towel, place it on a big plate and now mash it very well with the hand. This process is very important and quite a bit of effort goes into it. If you do it right, you will get a nice white paste of paneer.

Once the paneer is a paste without any cheese lumps in it, you can add the honey. Mix it and again press the paste well against the plate, mash and mix until the honey is completely mixed. If you like, you can add dry fruit like pistachios or raisins at this point and mix them well into it, too.

Now you need to create a shape – and that is basically fully up to you! A heart, a square, a circle or anything else! You can use a ring form for cakes to make it nicely round.

In the end, you only need to decorate it. We used saffron threads but you can practically use a lot of other things as well: pistachio pieces, saffron powder or paste, raisins or dry fruit.


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