Aam ka Shrikhand – Recipe for Mango Fruit Cream – 25 Apr 15


Today I will give you the recipe for another seasonal dish which is very enjoyable in summer time: Aam ka Shrikhand. It is a mango fruit cream and while it is usually prepared with completely mashed mangoes, making it a paste without any fruit pieces, we prefer eating it with little mango pieces inside. It is easy to prepare – and more than just tasty!

Aam ka Shrikhand – Mango Fruit Cream

It’s summer – fruit time! Enjoy the heavenly taste of mango in creamy yoghurt!

How long does it take to prepare Aam ka Shrikhand?

Preparation Time:
Additionally several hours to drain the yoghurt


500 g Mangoes
1 kg Yoghurt
200 g Sugar Powder
a pinch of Salt

How to prepare Aam ka Shrikhand

The first step, several hours before you actually would like to eat your fruit cream, is to drain the water out of the yoghurt. In order to do this, you need to wrap your yoghurt into a fine cotton towel and hang it over your sink or over a bowl. The water will drip out of the yoghurt slowly and thus make the remaining yoghurt firmer. Depending on the yoghurt that you are using, this can take three to five hours. The yoghurt should be firm before you start using it further.

Take the yoghurt out of the cotton towel and onto a big plate or other flat and clean surface. Now it is time to mash it. With the palm of the hand, you press the yoghurt against the plate, mashing it against it, making a paste that at first sticks to the plate. It is a little bit like kneading a sticky dough – you need to do it thoroughly and with strength. It will be best if you do this action for about 15 minutes, so that the yoghurt is really very nicely smooth and there are no pieces in it anymore.

Now you add the sugar powder and a pinch of salt. Mix it very well into the yoghurt. Place it into the fridge, so that it can cool down.

Wash the mangoes, peel them and take out the stones. Cut the mango flesh into small pieces while holding them over a bowl. In this process, a lot of juice will already come out – just let it drip into the bowl with the pieces, we will use it as well!

Take that bowl of mango pieces and their juice and add it into the yoghurt. Mix it all well – and there you are, a delicious mango fruit cream! Serve and eat it cool and I can promise, you will love it!

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