Masaledar Dal Paratha Recipe – Spiced Indian flat Bread with Lentils – 9 Jul 11


When we were in Frankfurt last week, we also brought home some chapati flour, which is very fine wheat flour, in order to make paratha at home. We discussed about which kind of paratha we should make and decided to bake Masaledar Dal Paratha, bread with spices and lentils in it which makes it soft and really nice.

Masaledar Dal Paratha – Spiced Indian flat Bread with Lentils

A soft Indian flat bread, delicious and perfect for eating your meal with your hands!


7 Replies to “Masaledar Dal Paratha Recipe – Spiced Indian flat Bread with Lentils – 9 Jul 11”

  1. I often make parantha and i have never seen them with this filling. I know them with caraway seeds, with spinach, potatoes and with paneer but not really with dal. Will try, thank you for the idea!

  2. Oh yes, Indian bread! I missed it so much when returning from India that I went and bought frozen paratha at the Asian market next door. but it was just not the same!It doesn’t look too complicated what you describe here though!

  3. Oriol happy that you like it, I also love the Paneer and aloo parantha, this time I also tried Parantha filled with Mozzarella cheese. That was also very nice, hot melted mozzarella… Nice 🙂

  4. wow thats nice Idea :D… will try also to fill with Mozzarella.. ahhh what about Tomato and Oregano I can imagen it will fit good togethere …I’ll let you know how it tast :)))

  5. It was delicious Food that day …thank you so much enjoy the time with all of you 🙂 … Saturday I made Paratha myself and they turned out very yummy too :))) LOVE 🙂

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