Fruity Summer Cake Recipe without Egg – 4 Jun 11


Summer seems to start here in Germany with nicely warm temperatures and a lot of sun. In this warmth, Ramona baked a delicious and refreshing cake, without egg of course. I am not a great baker but I really loved this cake and thought that we should write it down for you. So you get a change from all the Indian recipes we have written in the last weeks and can get a sweet mouth full of cake!

Summer Cake

An easy and quick cake without egg for warm summer days with peaches and tangerine giving you a sweet and fruity experience.


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2 Replies to “Fruity Summer Cake Recipe without Egg – 4 Jun 11”

  1. Great Swami Ji, thank you! I have been looking for such a recipe for a long time as my son is allergic to nuts and I cannot properly digest pastry that contains egg. My husband doesn’t like chocolate. So we basically bought oat cookies whenever we wanted something sweet – but that’s not very satisfying! I will try this, thank you again!

  2. Today we baked this cake and it was very very nice. Perfect for a hot summer sunday. Next time we will eat one together … :)love to you all

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