Goodbyes and Preparation to Leave India Again – 28 Mar 08


Today Melly, Susi and Andrea will start their journey back home. They have been here for quite a while and we are all sad that they have to leave. They are sad, too, but we will see each other soon when we are again in Schwabmünchen. Saying goodbye is also a part of my life as I am moving so much. We say goodbye very often but then we also say hello often. It is fine to say goodbye, it is sad for some time but you have this happiness of looking forward to saying hello again. It is sad when you have no possibility anymore to say hello again.

Now I feel like the countdown of my last days here started, too. It is only nine days until we also have to start for the airport. So we have to do whatever we wanted to do here. My family will see me again only after five months, everything that we need to take has to be collected from all over the Ashram and just anything that we started should be finished.

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