Spring started in Vrindavan – 2 Feb 10


Spring started in Vrindavan. It is now nice to go and walk outside without the big and warm shawl. The mornings are not foggy anymore and the sun comes out again each day. We heard from friends that there is still a lot of snow in America and Europe and Germany is all over covered with snow. Winter was everywhere very cold and is still in many places but here now each day feels a bit warmer.

Spring has already officially started according to the Indian calendar. And with the warm weather our guests also will come. From tomorrow guests will start coming and in this month we will have visitors from all over the world again. We are looking forward to have the Ashram filled with friends who laugh and dance together as if they had known each other their whole life long although they just met here in India.

It will be a beautiful time especially with Holi at the end of this month. Hopefully until then the street work which is again going on now is over. Today the whole day they were digging behind the house to make holes for the sewage line again and as it is in India a whole crowd gathered just for standing around the whole and watching how it gets deeper.

2 Replies to “Spring started in Vrindavan – 2 Feb 10”

  1. Spring is a wonderful season. It is like waking up. Spring refers to ideas of rebirth, renewal and regrowth. In many cultures the beginning of spring marks an important traditional holiday festival, like Holi in India or Nowruz in Iran.