The Weather… and food – 17 Jul 09

Really nothing

Today we were invited by Iris' parents to come for dinner. Actually we planned to eat on the terrace and yesterday it looked like the weather would be nice. Yesterday we had such a nice weather, the sun was shining the whole day long. But today in the morning when we got up there were dark clouds in the sky and soon a thunderstorm started.

But Iris’ parents had a nice solution for this weather: they have a hut in the garden where we could nicely sit together for dinner without feeling cold or wet. And Iris’s mother made really great pizza! We had brought a nice salad and so we had a really wonderful dinner. It is so nice if you can just sit together and instead of complaining about the weather just laugh about it. Now we are sitting back at home and we are so full and tired that I cannot think of anything else to write.

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  1. Herra

    Oooo! This post makes me hungry! It also makes me miss Germany. I lived there when I was little, jealous you get to go back so often! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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