A Delay that Made Sense – 16 Sep 09

New York
United States of America

Today we had to go to the bank and for shopping afterwards. We wanted to take along two letters which we needed to give to our banker. So we started from home to go to the building which is a walk of maybe 15 minutes. The three of us were walking and only one block away from the bank we had to stop at a traffic light. I turned around and asked Ramona ‘You have the letters, don’t you?’ Ramona shook her head and looked at Yashendu ‘You have them, right?’

It turned out that none of us had taken them thinking that one of the other two had it. So we turned around and did our shopping on the way home. We picked up the letters and went back. We entered the bank and went to the counter. They told us to go to a cubicle in the back where our banker was sitting. And after saying hello she said ‘Oh, good that you came now, I just came back from lunch!’

You see, it was very good that we had to take that extra round back, if we had not, the woman whom we wanted to talk to wouldn’t have been there. And we got some workout walking through the streets of New York!

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  1. Swami Balendu, I truly admire you, this is a blessing, to know you have traveled this far to share your wisdom and knowledge. I wish you would travel to Minnesota on day!!!Love your work!!

  2. Love your chakra music.. it sooo good :0 if anyone reading this has not had yet the pleasure of listening to the chakra music then do look into it and you will see…gilles

  3. Wow! good bit of kizmet … maybe my angel helped a bit, too!? sent him off to be with you for awhile … love your lucky, happy smile Swami Ji …

  4. It’s so great to be able to appreciate moments like these! Sometimes we can’t see the higher purpose in the delays and the complications until later. Express gratitude when you realize it! For example, I got sick 2 days before I was supposed to see the Taj Mahal… I was bummed about it but decided to cancel and delay the journey. I think it worked out perfectly because I went on the weekend and it was a great day! At the time I couldn’t appreciate being sick, but now I understand that there was a higher purpose for it.

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