A Confusing Dream – 4 May 08


Ramona got up in the morning and said that she had a very strange dream. She told it to me: In the dream she woke up and had a look on the clock. To her surprise it was already quarter to ten although normally she wakes up at the latest at eight. And then she remembered that we wanted to leave to Augsburg at half past ten and that she had to get up quickly. She saw that I was still sleeping, too, although I had to give a healing session at ten, in only fifteen minutes. So she woke me up and there was a lot of hectic because in that moment the patient for the healing rang the doorbell and nothing was prepared.

In Ramona's dream we were in her old house and she ran down the stairs to open the door and prepare for the healing session. Somehow she and her family prepared it quickly in the garden, not in a room and for privacy they put the massage table for the client between two cloth lines. Like this the clothes should protect us from being seen.

So when Ramona went back into the house she saw that, although everybody wanted to leave in ten minutes, somebody had started cooking a lot of things. There were jalebis, an Indian sweet, and a lot of pasta in different forms. She loves pasta and while she was already eating from every pot she worried that we might be late. When I was finally done with the healing session it was already 12 o'clock and we finally started from there.

But instead of going to the city we somehow arrived at a wedding party. When Ramona wanted to enter somebody saw that she carried a small pineapple and a part of a German bread called Breze. When they did not allow her to go in with the pineapple she got very angry and went in around the building to hide it in her jacket. When she came back she was told that she had to pay 10 Euro entrance fee. No, another woman came and said that this was only a donation for the newlywed couple.

Ramona entered without paying and saw a board that the recommended amount of donation was divided into different age groups. So she decided that she would only pay the minimum of three Euros. When she came inside she suddenly saw that she was in a library and her mother was already collecting lots of books from everywhere. And somehow all the food they had cooked at home was also there. She was still angry because she wanted to go to Augsburg and now it was really late but when she said this to her mother, she was told that they were already in Augsburg!

So you see how the mind flies in dreams. Most of the time it doesn't make any sense at all. She told me this dream and we laughed a lot about it. I do not really dream. Maybe twice a year I have a dream. Anyway I do not sleep very much that is why that sleep is deep and dreamless.

In Yoga there are four states of consciousness described: Jagrit, which means awaken, Swapn, which means dream, Sushupti, which means sleep and Turiy (Samadhi) which means bliss/ecstasy.

The food in the Ashram was sponsored today by Jonas, the son of my friend Sabine. He had confirmation today and some of Sabine's friends gave this as a very special gift which will give him blessings for his way.

It is our last night in Essen, tomorrow's diary will be written from Lueneburg, from Michael's home.
Click here to see photos of food for a day from Ashram in India

4 Replies to “A Confusing Dream – 4 May 08”

  1. I have many dreams every night, I always wake up through the whole night and as I’m falling back asleep I have these dreams. I wonder, maybe I should sleep less? I like having dreams often though. Sometimes, when I am in a really heavy dream period for a week or so I get exhausted because it is like being fully conscious in two different lives because of how intense and realistic the dreams can be.

  2. I have no way of knowing if Ramona normally dreams like this, but I would assume she feels under more pressure in Germany, and maybe it is a pressure she was used to when she lived there growing up but has since let go of. Being late is a fear and also things being confusing. Religion and it being unfair, especially in regards to money and seemingly pointless or aimless requirements for admission are also connected to sense of time and the home place. She is in charge of keeping things running in an order and keeping her eyes open.I am very glad you found your mother and food in the end of the dream.

  3. Dreams are crazy business! sometimes they are very reflective of an inner frame of mind at the time. Sometimes they mean nothing. Hard to tell.

  4. Haha, dreams are certainly an interesting thing. I dream so often I almost feel like I have two lives going on at once, but I never take them too seriously. I know some are a reflection of desire and some a reflection of fear.