Just a Normal Day – 10 Jun 08


Today I don’t really know what to write in the diary. Nothing very exiting happened. What should I tell you, what could be interesting? It was just a normal day. But maybe this is exactly what is interesting for everybody. I also have something like a daily routine. I have my work, people come for healing sessions and Yashendu and Ramona work together with me on the website, the schedule and whatever has to be done. There is not always something special going on.

On the other hand every day is special and unique as it is. I was very happy to sit on the terrace after dinner and watch and hear how it started raining. It was very nice fresh air and while we were eating some strawberries that Susi, Ramona’s sister had brought, we just enjoyed being together. We had cooked very much and I suggested Andrea to do it in an Indian tradition and to give a part of the food to the neighbours. In India it is very normal to send some food to the neighbours when it is a special dish or if you have a lot. So we went over there and Andrea introduced me and explained the Indian custom. The neighbours were a bit surprised but I think they were happy. This was my day. Not very exciting but still very nice!

5 Replies to “Just a Normal Day – 10 Jun 08”

  1. I bet the neighbors were very surprised that someone they didn’t know knocked on their door, also that there was a food offering! How nice to share customs with people, especially when they involve kindness.

  2. How lovely it is to be at peace with a normal day. You don’t need something special to happen because life in itself is quite a treat. I think this is all in your perspective… even a very hard day could be looked at with appreciation and joy. We just have to decide how we see things in life. 🙂