Joy of Playing without Competition – 23 Jan 08


In the morning it looked like it was a very cold day as there was some snow on the roofs of the neighbouring houses. However it was not that cold because the wind was not blowing so fiercely anymore. We made a nice fire in the fireplace and made it nicely warm inside. We spent the afternoon preparing aloo-paratha for dinner. Together with a sweet tomato sauce and the chickpeas from yesterday it was a great dinner which was followed by another tournament in mini-billiard. Yashendu won against all of us but for me it is anyway the joy of the game which is important, not if I win or lose. It is something that you do to spend time together, to have fun, not to have a competition. Ramona wants to find a place with a real Billiard table somewhere around so that we can put our practice on the small table to a large scale on the big one.

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