Experiences in Switzerland – 9 Jan 08


My dear friends Roger and Mady from Luxembourg were planning to visit us here in Switzerland. However they were already feeling a bit week in the last days and today Roger called that they have flu and are too weak to drive. I told him that I will send them my love and healing energy. I wish they can recover enough to come. I have the feeling that we will be here together.

When Bertrand went to work he was so nice to leave us his car. Like this we could go to Lausanne on our own for the first healing session. Ramona was going to drive it. She was a bit nervous about finding the way. However I told her that this will not be any problem. Bertrand had written a description and printed a map. I am anyway always confident that everything will be alright. When we wanted to start we noticed that the way should not be our problem: we could not start the car. Ramona turned the key and nothing happened! So we tried with pushing from front, from back. Nothing helped. So she went back into the house to call Bertrand. And just when he had picked up Yashendu somehow managed to start the car. Well, so we started a little bit late but: We had no problem at all to find the way.

Really nothing

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