Women: Live your Female Creating and Nourishing Energy! – 23 Jan 09


Today a woman was here for a healing session who has had healings before, too. She was very happy with her progress since the last healing session. She said to me: ‘I am very happy that I have achieved what I had been missing since years.” I also remember last time when she was here. She told me her problem: “Half of my life I am struggling. Both parts of me, male and female are struggling with each other. I always feel my masculine part but my female side was lost in this fight. I want to reconnect with my femininity which got lost in the effort of surviving in this society.” Now this issue is over and it made her really happy. She said: “I feel more like a woman now. Woman and the female side is the creation, she is creative. This time I came to you to get healing for this creativity. I want to materialize this idea of what I want to do in my life.”

I said of course, women have this creative energy. I see that a woman is nature and creator. It is not only the problem of this woman. I see that nowadays it is very common in this society and culture that women lose their identity. They have to come into male energy to make their job and be in this society. They feel that their femininity is lost and they don’t have a connection to the woman inside. They see that they are women but they do not find the female part inside themselves. A struggle starts inside their personality and the feeling comes up that they have lost their identity in the effort of surviving and living.

Male and female is in everyone but every woman has to connect with their feminine side, too. Otherwise this conflict in their personality will arise. Maybe you can suppress it for a while but it can come up anytime and then this can create personality disorders and mental problems. I always talk about accepting and it is again the key in this struggle. Accept yourself as a woman. You are great. Give love to yourself, your body and your personality. Be proud of your femininity. Only a woman can be mother and has this power of creation. She is like a source, like mother earth. She is nature. Get in touch with this energy. I am very happy for this woman who came to me and could solve this issue.

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3 Replies to “Women: Live your Female Creating and Nourishing Energy! – 23 Jan 09”

  1. I don’t know what I think about this or how I relate to it but I did enjoy reading it and felt like I took some sense of balance from it. Thanks Swami Ji!

  2. True- our masculine and paternal societies have suppressed the feminine expression for many women. I am certainly supportive of the movement to increase and sustain feminine energy in all people and societies… but not at the expense of the masculine! Some feminist groups dislike and bring down the masculine aspect, but it’s just as important. The balance is what we need.