Phobias, their Energetic Reasons and Cures – 25 Jun 08


Today I started giving healing sessions in Austria. My friend Reinfried has invited us for the third time already so many people come for healing sessions who have been here before, too. One woman for example had come to see me last time about her claustrophobia, the fear of being in small, closed rooms. When she came for the first time she told me that she was very afraid of small rooms or elevators. She easily panicked if she only thought of going into an elevator. In small toilet rooms she kept the door open so that she had an easy way out. However this time she told me that it is already much better. She is still not fully easy and comfortable in small rooms but it got much better. So I gave her another healing session and I am sure it will help her more.

The fear of closed rooms, the fear of heights, the fear of flying and all these kinds of phobias are psychological problems. Actually the fear of flying is mostly either a fear of many people in a small room, the fear of the feeling of being locked in or the fear of great heights. Emotional insecurity increases this kind of phobias.

Some people have difficulties with being close to others maybe because they did not have much closeness in their childhood or did not have the possibility to enjoy closeness in their lives. This also supports psychological problems like phobias. These people become afraid of touch, afraid of being close. I always tell people to make a close connection and that everybody should get close to his feelings. We are human, we need this closeness.

In workshops and seminars I also teach how to deal with this kind of problems. To embrace, to hug someone, to sit close to someone whom you love. However it is not enough to be close physically. We need emotional closeness, too. One of both is not enough. We need both from time to time. Maybe it is easier today to get close on a mental level, there we build a relation and a connection. We think very much about it, have expectations and calculate. In an emotional level you can have a heart-to-heart connection. 

4 Replies to “Phobias, their Energetic Reasons and Cures – 25 Jun 08”

  1. What about a fear of thought? Have you come across people who watch tv or read or talk constantly because they fear being along with their thoughts? Which chakra could this imbalance be in?

  2. I think phobias are always issues related to the mind. Even if the phobia stems from a past experience, the first chakra, or even a past life, we still deal with it presently in the mind. I think there are ways to condition the mind and get close to the mind in order to calm and control it. It takes much discipline but is very possible. Also, when we have released the fear of death itself, a lot of phobias may disappear.