Please read if just everything seems difficult to you – 15 Apr 15


Yesterday I wrote to you about people who make everything seem difficult, even if they know it is a very easy task or a problem with just a simple solution. Today I would like to write about people who react the same way when you go to them with an issue or tell them about a plan – but for very different reasons!

While I told you yesterday that some people will show you the problems and difficulties of whatever you tell them because they want to be the ones who solve it and thus serve their ego, the people I am writing about today are different. They actually think that everything is very difficult!

The root of this problem lies in their growing up, in their education and the atmosphere they live in. They have a very structured life that goes along very clear lines and works like a system. They know what will happen, how it should happen and except for some small variables, they have everything pretty much fixed beforehand. There is no left or right from the path they already know.

And now you come with a fully different plan! You suggest doing something which is not at all in the area of what they were thinking of! It is beyond what they can imagine for themselves to be doing and that’s how a thousands of difficulties come up in their mind! They get disturbed and seriously nervous, at the border of afraid. Any change is difficult to cope with for them because they are just inflexible.

They honestly think that life is difficult. That there are problems everywhere.

So when you go to them with any new plan, you can already expect the answer to be negative at first. Give these people some time to think of it and adjust. Tell them why you think it would be a great idea and let them ponder about the pros and cons of such a change. On one hand they may tell you about some real problems that you have not considered and thus help you quite a bit! On the other hand however, you need to be really sure of yourself before you spread out your plans in front of them – otherwise you will quickly be fully demoralized by all the problems they will find!

So think wisely about when you want to tell such people about your plans – maybe once you are close to finalizing and don’t care anymore what anybody says about it anyway, except for valid points of upcoming difficulties!

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