How to deal with the Knowledge that you won't be alive much longer - 28 Oct 15

After having written about financial difficulties and difficulties in human relations, I would today like to write about a completely different issue that shakes your world if it comes up: if you get to know that you or someone who is very close to you has a bad illness or other health problem. I am obviously not talking about the common cold – no, I mean the news that someone has cancer, accidents in which an injured person loses a limb or becomes paraplegic. How to deal with such a situation?

Obviously, I will not give any kind of medical advice. For that, you will find a lot of qualified doctors who can help you through any possible therapy. I want to look at how you can emotionally and mentally deal with these situations.

Illness and death are the two situations in which you only have one option: to accept.

This is something that is much easier said than done and I am aware that anybody who finds himself in this position knows truly how difficult it is. If you know about the possibility that you may not live more than a year or two. If you know that you will never again feel your legs. If you know that your complete life will change because your partner now doesn’t have arms anymore.

The big point here is that you actually have no other option than to accept. Accept the facts and then make sure that you make the best out of the situation in front of you.

If you or your loved one know that the time for one of you is strongly limited, make every effort to make these days, weeks or months the most beautiful ones. Create lots of happy memories for those who will be around longer. Do things that you always wanted to do but always kept for later. See the beauty of this world together with those you love. If you have any talent for writing, I would even suggest to note down what you are going through so that others in the same situation can draw strength from your experience!

If you survive whatever it is that you have gone through, even if it is with a loss and a clear change to your life, appreciate every single second you are alive! For nearly every situation, there is someone who is in a worse situation. Have you seen the video of a motivational speaker who doesn’t have arms nor legs? It is incredible to hear him speaking about the joy of living!

Accept whatever it is that you have to live with now and create your life around it accordingly. Once you start accepting, you will notice how many caring people are around you who are ready to help and support you in every way they can! Accept not only your situation but also help of others when you need it.

It is difficult, of course, but once you start accepting, it will get easier and you will be able to see positive things in life again!

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