Wishes for Success, Happiness and Love – 21 Jan 10


When people are asked what they want in life, many people do not really know. Some say ‘I want to build a house for my family to live in’. Others have the wish to find ‘the one’, the ‘soul partner’. Of course success is one big point for many people. Another popular answer is ‘to live long and die when I am old’. And the best answer in my opinion is still this: ‘I just want to be happy and in love’.

This answer makes it very clear that you don’t care if you have a house, if you have lots of money, if you really found a partner for life or not. You just wish that you will be happy in each moment of your life, in each breath until the last one and that you feel the love that is flowing all around us. I believe it is possible. Why not? If your wish is this, then you can make it come true!

Whatever your wish is, I believe that you have the power to make it. If you are wishing for success, find your success not in winning 50 Million Dollar in the lottery but in having a job with which you are happy. This alone makes you more successful than many other people!

If your wish is love, don’t just think that you need to find that mysterious man who is just perfect, who reads your mind, who always knows what you want at each moment and who would die for you from the minute that he saw you. Have a look around you and find love in your family and love to your friends.

I want to say this one thing: be positive and love your life! This is important in the here and now, nothing else. And don’t you think that it will be the best thing, when you are old and look back onto your life, if you can say that you were happy 99% of the time of your life?

3 Replies to “Wishes for Success, Happiness and Love – 21 Jan 10”

  1. What is someone really after when they want to experience commercial success in life? Or maybe they want a house and family. Maybe they say they want security and comfort or to never settle down. Everyone is after happiness through one path or another. But this desire in some circumstances is so buried in details that people forget why they are after these things. And once they see that they are wealthy or are famous or whatever it may be and they are still not happy, they go on with this foolishness, resigned to believing that joy does not exist. If you are alive why not make it joyful? Why compromise? Why live in unhappiness?
    Through whatever medium 13 an attempt at safety or success, a claim to misery, an unconventional life, a hand in 1Cfixing 1D the problems of the world 13 we try to be free of suffering or to at least somehow survive it. And while we can observe that many of us fail in this effort we stay loyal to the same methods of attempt, trying 1 thing or a hundred. Then we die.
    This is not meant to be bleak nor is it. But an unobserved mind may find it to be worth ignoring, scary or unbearable. As long as our minds create the world we live in, we will not comprehend the neutrality of every circumstance, nor will words like these make any impression.
    If you wish for joy, it is there for you. Take it!

  2. Absolutely, Swami… it is wishful thinking like this that keeps the world going. We have to believe in our wishes coming true because it brings us life energy and happiness! But don’t just sit back and wait for your wish to come true. Work for it…make sure that it comes true! Put yourself on the path that leads to the wish itself…and it will surely come true.