Learning to Say Yes – 8 Jun 09


Yesterday I wrote that people tell me they need to learn to say no and it is really many people who say this. But today I want to say from a different perception why don’t we also learn to say yes? Why do we always live so much in doubts? I believe if our attitude is positive, it can change everything and also the way of living. If we say ‘yes’ to life, to love and to laughing, enjoying and having fun, we can change our life.

But unfortunately most of the times all our doubts and negative thoughts are too much and we are not able to say ‘yes’ and enjoy and have fun. And if we have fun and enjoy we often feel that others don’t enjoy with us. They want to make us feel guilty about it, that we are having fun instead of living in doubts.

I want to invite those who are worrying about learning to say no. Please come, take a step out and say yes! Open your heart and say ‘Yes, I am ready to embrace love’ and see how beautiful life is. You have a right to be happy and you deserve to have fun! Don’t care about people who try to make you feel guilty. Nobody knows how many days are left in life. Come, enjoy it and celebrate it!

Our friend Jürgen drove us to Erkelenz today where we will stay the next week with Sonja and her family.

Today’s food was sponsored by the students of the Yoga Teacher Training. Thank you all!

3 Replies to “Learning to Say Yes – 8 Jun 09”

  1. I love this post Swami Ji!! There is something transformative, open, and free about saying YES to life! When we are filled with doubt and think we should say “no” to life, we are feeling fear about the unknown. We are afraid to take chances and live life to the fullest. No matter what it is, say yes to the possibilities… you never know what amazing things will occur just because you are open to it. YES!!!