Pipes Break, Basements Flooded – Take it Easy! – 25 Mar 09


Today we had another fun at the Ashram. In the cave our water heater pipe broke and all water of the tank came down and flooded the rooms of the cave so that some rooms looked like a swimming pool. There was a storage room and the things there started swimming. The carpets of other rooms were soaked with water, you had water all over your feet when walking there. Someone discovered it in the morning and we all went to see what has happened.

The children, Kanu and Suraj, had lots of fun helping in taking out the things from there. So it was excitement and also fun for everybody. Ramona was not very interested in doing her normal work but said ‘This doesn’t happen daily, so I have to look at that!’ And she helped the boys taking out the clothes and blankets and lying them into the garden in the sun.

Then something happened which usually doesn’t happen at this time of the year: clouds covered the sun and it started raining. So all things were packed and put back under the roof into the Ashram. After a few minutes the sun came out again and all things could be put out again. Everyone was joking about this.

Why am I writing this? I want to say that it is all about how you take things. You can take difficult situations in an easy way. You can laugh about it and have fun there too. Many people cannot have fun in this kind of situation even if they cannot do anything about it. They spoil their mood and everybody else’s mood, too. It was not your fault and you cannot do anything about it now. You have to take things as they come. After getting angry you cannot make it nice anymore, so why to get angry?

We called the plumber and took out the water and everything will be fine. But I have seen many people who get really angry and make such a big issue out of many small things. Sometimes I feel that if people get angry about these things, they make themselves feel guilty and make other people guilty and feel like they could have done something against it. It is completely unnecessary to make such a big thing out of this. Accept it and do what has to be done with a smile on your face.

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3 Replies to “Pipes Break, Basements Flooded – Take it Easy! – 25 Mar 09”

  1. Reading this I feel happy and it reminds me of how much someone’s energy can effect someone else’s. Happiness spreads. Negativity does the same thing. If someone is very agitated over a circumstance and voicing it carelessly, other people around them become very agitated. In fact, an agitated person doesn’t even have to say anything to deeply effect other people with their negativity. Other people start to suffer and feel angry or blamefull. You can see this happen in a group of people. And it is as if someone lit a match in a field of dry grass. Do you really want to feel bad? Do you feel better when you complain? No matter how much you complain it never feels like quite enough because complaining doesn’t satisfy frustration. It feeds it.

  2. If you stay positive good things will happen to you. This isn’t because you are being rewarded by something supernatural for being positive but because you are aligned with life. You are saying yes to life and so life is not painful and negative.