Enjoy Life and Show others the Beauty of this World – 8 June 10

New York
United States of America

Sometimes the human mind and emotions can be funny. From time to time there is an event, big or small, in your day that makes you feel sad or spoil your mood. Other events make you happy and jolly. And then there are people who, when they are in a bad situation, see everything around them as bad. They are fully in that mood then and from alone they don’t seem to be able to come out of it.

They are sitting in a beautiful park, flowers are smelling great and look beautiful and the tree in front of them is full of apples. But they don’t see it. Some thoughts that they can have are ‘Why is that bird so loud?’, ‘It is too hot for the beginning of June’ or ‘The wind is too cold’. And actually they are in their mind fully in their problem, whatever it is, work, family…

Then suddenly an apple falls down from the tree and all they think is: ‘See, even the apples are going bad and fall down! It is a bad day!’ In that mood he is surely no Newton contemplating about gravity and laws of physics. That is just not the right moment.

However there is someone else in the park, too. One person comes along the way, sees how the apple falls down, picks it up, cleans it with his shirt and gives it to the one who is sitting on his bench in a bad mood. ‘Here, for you!’ The man in the bad mood takes it, bites into it and immediately tastes how wonderful this fruit is, sweet and ripe, natural just from the tree. And he cannot help but feel better. The world is already much brighter.

Everybody may need someone at some point who picks up an apple for you. Someone who helps you to see the world in another way, to see the beauty of this world again. That is what I like to do: picking up apples and handing them to others. Do it, show others that life is sweet and that you need to enjoy it. Why otherwise are you in this beautiful park?

And whenever you are tired of picking up apples and sit on the bench yourself, there will be someone to share a half of his apple with you!

5 Replies to “Enjoy Life and Show others the Beauty of this World – 8 June 10”

  1. Reading this is theraputic to me right now. My stomach hurts and I am tired. But I realize that the weather is perfectly beautiful. There are people sitting next to me that don’t know I’m thinking about them but I am so happy in this moment just that they are alive and well, and I’m alive too. I’m eating an excellent coconut, things all around are just very well. And everyday I could reinterpret things this way. It brings me peace, a peace that feels a lot like love.

  2. this is really nice. It is raining here today and I was late for work, but you know what? I love the rain. And I ran into someone I haven’t seen for a really long time because I came in a few minutes later than normal. These are good things.

  3. It is so uplifting when someone can step into your life even for a moment and lift the illusion of unhappiness or darkness that we so easily fall into. It is amazing how easy it is to make someone smile if you take the moment to!

  4. It is wonderful to have the clouds lifted from your skies by the positivity of another. Sometimes we shut them out because we want to wallow in our sadness… we really don’t want to feel better at that moment. And sometimes this is necessary. But when the sadness or bad mood has been felt, it’s so great to be open to someone else’s light and positive energy! We can help each other in these ways. 🙂