Do not Make Life Complicated for Yourself – 31 Jan 09


Yesterday I wrote about how things can be smooth and easy but I often see that people make things more complicated than they are. It could be very simple and easy but they like to make it complicated. When something is easy it doesn’t seem to be enough fun because it is too simple for them. Only if things are complicated and difficult their ego gets satisfied because they managed something difficult. So for their ego they make things difficult which could be so easy.

They present things as complicated so that they can say afterwards that they did such a great job. They want to impress the person in front of them by showing how complicated it was to achieve it. This is how they create complication for themselves and others. They always attract complicated energy because they are giving energy to complication. They attract complication in each step that they do in their life. A job which could be very easy becomes complicated either because they make it difficult or because they attracted this complication. Don’t make your life difficult by this thinking when it can be just easy! Think easy, smooth and positive.

Today after dinner I really wanted to eat some ice cream so Sonja went with us to the next supermarket and we were looking for coffee ice cream but we could not find any. I really had a craving for ice cream and asked Sonja if other shops are open until late in the evening. And so we drove another ten kilometers and as I said that you can get everything if you have a strong wish and think positive, we found four different kinds of coffee ice cream. I don’t like coffee but I like coffee ice cream. It has great smell and taste.

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3 Replies to “Do not Make Life Complicated for Yourself – 31 Jan 09”

  1. If you make things complicated in order to impress yourself or others it might feel good or relieving. But you would be very surprised by how much better it feels, how free and satisfying it feels to allow things to be simple and unfold naturally. If what you are after is feeling something that you enjoy (ask yourself what you are after) try ceasing to cherish others opinions. Try observing carefully the stimulus around you and the things inside of you. You will feel much better.

  2. This is a wise observation, Swami. There are people who attach themselves to issues and complications in life. They worry that if everything was going smoothly and simply that they would feel empty, or wouldn’t know how to enjoy it. So they feel safer by creating complications to worry about. It is a sad phenomenon for them because they are missing out on the joy of life– the simple things! Maybe some time alone or some time in another culture would help them put things in perspective. We don’t NEED complications and problems… we can have peace without them.

  3. As you can see with the trial of getting some coffee ice cream: things aren’t so complicated, if you know and feel that you can find a way to be satisfied 😉 lo and behold, in the end you can enjoy your ice cream!

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