Something Positive in Everything – 17 Apr 08


I will continue from the Satsang. I want to give a little story about how our perception of life could be.

There was a king in India in older times. He had many horses and one he loved very much. It was so special and dear to him that twenty people were looking after it. He loved that horse so much that these twenty people were just there for taking care of it. But one day somehow they lost the horse. They were careless and somehow the horse ran somewhere and was gone. They were so much worried and searched everywhere, in all nearby forests, woods and everywhere but they could not find it.

They had not told the king because they were so frightened of the punishment. If the kings gets to know that we, twenty people were looking after one horse and lost it he will maybe kill us! How could that happen? Sometimes strange things happen. They were searching and searching and did not find it. Anyhow they had to tell it because some day the king would come and see that the horse was gone. And all twenty went to the palace where the king was sitting and they were standing in one row, all with sad faces and nobody wanted to be the one to tell the king because that one could be the first to lose his head. They were so frightened and did not know how to tell that twenty people could not look after one horse.

So they were standing there and after a while the king asked "What happened? Why are you all standing there with so sad faces?" Nobody had the courage to answer him. The king said "I see that something is wrong, I can see your faces, but what happened?" So one of them, the oldest, he thought, okay, if I die, well I am the oldest, so he spoke to the king. He said "We beg your pardon, please forgive, but somehow we lost your horse. And since three days we were searching everywhere but sorry, we did not find it."

When the king heard this, for one minute, he was just shocked. They thought this is our last hour. But in the next minute the king started laughing loudly. Then they thought he got crazy. We lost his horse and now his mind is gone because of the shock. He loved that horse so much.

But then the king said "Okay, the horse is gone and you could not find it. But I want to say thank God, it is so great, that when that horse ran away and got lost I was not sitting on it. Else I would have been lost, too. And what happened with you, all of you are standing there, your faces so sad! And this because of the horse! And if I got lost, the whole public, the whole family, the whole kingdom would be sad like you! So thank God, wonderful, I was not on that horse!" So he saw something good in that.

Whatever bad happens, something good, something positive, something to laugh about is there! In anything that happens, of course you can see the hole, see the bad thing but there is also something good.

Our friend Zelly visited us today and we will have a 'fusion dinner' today. Thomas cooked German asparagus in an Indian way and Yashendu prepared spinach and Dal and rice with it. It was a wonderful taste. This is how I like asparagus, with many spices.

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  1. Once I had a sweater that I wore over my clothes nearly every day and I loved it and it had lots of holes and I enjoyed sewing them, there were more holes than clean spots on the sweater. I put it in the washing machine and it got stuck in the central gear and torn. At first I kinda of felt like I lost a friend, but then I did laugh because I could finally put my sewing kit away.