Smile please! – 27 Aug 16


Today I would like to write a plea for kindness. Yes, a request to all of us out here to be more kind to the people around us.

There is a tendency, I feel, in this modern world with all our gadgets to make life easier, to forget the human being. To forget that the person that is standing in front of you in the queue, is someone with a family, friends, work and life, too. To forget that we all have feelings and have to cope with our own issues.

A lot of times, I notice people being rude to those they don’t know. Complete strangers in public, a cashier, a waiter, someone sitting next to them on the bus. Comments passed that make the other one feel bad, work requested without a smile and complaints over complaints.

Couldn’t we be a bit nicer to each other? Couldn’t we smile with our words? Try to create a little light in the day of the other one instead of being another reason to dislike the day?

We all have our lives, our issues and things to worry, complain or contemplate about. That doesn’t entitle us to be grumpy, impolite and rude. It should make us remember that the other one, too, is going through all of this.

So let’s smile and be kind. Let’s encourage the ones around us to go on strong and show them our support. Even a small gesture, a few kind words can make a huge difference in this world.


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