Something worse could have happened – Positivity – 2 Jun 08


Yesterday when cutting bread Ramona accidentally did not only cut off a slice of bread but also a bit of her finger. I was in a healing session in that time but Yashendu was there and went to get our friend Claudia, the owner of the hotel that we are living in. She is a nurse, so Ramona got a professional treatment for her finger. She still felt weak and shaky when I came from the healing session because she had lost some blood. So we asked her to lie down a bit and after a few minutes she was fine again, feeling the pulse in her finger very much, but all in all she was fine. So I told her what we say in India about this kind of injuries.

We generally have a very positive attitude and we say that something worse could have happened and was meant to happen but this was the mild and small version of it. So by God’s grace you don’t need to go through the really bad experience. God is great and you are lucky that nothing more dangerous happened. In any situation you can try to see the positive side and think positive. See God’s grace in everything.

Today Ramona’s finger is better but it will certainly take a few days until she can take off the bandage. When I asked her if she could type the diary at all she said ‘I can type with nine fingers, too.’ There is always a reason to be happy and to smile.

4 Replies to “Something worse could have happened – Positivity – 2 Jun 08”

  1. a friend of mine cut off a bit of her finger once while working. it was so painful for her! it was painful to watch her experience that pain too.

  2. This is one of my favorite ways to look on the bright side when something bad happens. No matter how bad it seems, it could ALWAYS have been worse. So we should be grateful that it wasn’t! There are tons of things to still be positive about. These realizations make it easier to get through a tough time.