Philosophy of Guru Nanak Dev – Compassion and Love through God – 2 Nov 09


Today is full moon and a very special full moon day which is also celebrated like a festival of light in India. It is the birthday of Guru Nanak Dev. He was a great soul born in 1469. His followers are called Sikh. His teachings are very beautiful and he actually says that there are no differences in casts or religions and that everybody is human.

God has created all of us and he didn’t make any difference among us, then why do we make borders in between each other? Why does human create this if God did not make it? Who has the right to make these categories and divide humankind like this, if God didn’t do that? We all are same. Compassion and love is the main thing that we should all have and aim for. We should do our effort and do our duty, take our responsibility.

Remembering the name of God is according to him the way to reach Him and for this he encourages people to do japa, saying the name of God with each bead of a mala. I have read his literature and I like his way and simplicity. He gives the message of love and oneness.

Unfortunately his followers made their own religion out of his teachings although he was always talking against it, against the separation of people by traditions and religions. It is ironic how things like this develop and a fully new identity based on religion is created.

We will also have the full moon meditation today and I will go into the cave soon to meditate with all the people around the globe again.

7 Replies to “Philosophy of Guru Nanak Dev – Compassion and Love through God – 2 Nov 09”

  1. I love you so much, Jolly Swami Ji friend. Thank you for holding all of us in your enormous heart, awaiting the day when we all think as much of each other as you already know to be true of us. So forgiving, so knowing, so willing … you’re the best!!!

  2. Good point Swamiji! That’s what I’ve been wondering about for years, and now being in with your family, am finally beginning to understand thanks especially to you! Yes, you indeed are the very best! Much love to you and all…

  3. It is too bad the way that some religions have come to be represented. It starts with simple ideas or ideals and then the snowball effect happens. Someone adds, then someone else adds another rule or restriction on how to live your life.

  4. It is very impressive that a man of his time could see through religion and castes to know that all beings are connected and equal. And it’s sad that people created religious dogma out of his simplistic teachings of love and oneness.

  5. Thank you for explaining this celebration. I did not know this about the Sikh faith before. It sounds like the readings are very nice; we shouldn’t create more and ore boarders between ourselves. We are all human.