The King and the Sadhu - Wisdom where you do not Expect it - 26 Mar 09

When we were talking about yesterday’s topic I remembered a very popular example story from a scripture. There was a young Sadhu who was living and studying with his guru, his teacher. He had a lot of knowledge but his guru realized that his lesson and education was not finished yet. To give him extra practical lessons he sent him to a king who was also his disciple. He considered this king as a wise person who would be qualified to do this job. The guru sent a letter to the king along with the young Sadhu asking him to keep the young man with him for a while.

The king was very happy and pleased to receive him and the message and he welcomed him with a warm heart. The young Sadhu was given very nice accommodation in the palace. They ate together, had walks together and he enjoyed living in this prosperity. But inside his heart he was wondering and smiling about it why his guru had sent him there and what lesson he should get in all this luxury.

One day the king took him along to take a bath in the river which was flowing just behind the palace. There they also worshipped the sun in a ceremony and suddenly the young Sadhu saw that the palace was on fire. Big flames and lots of smoke were coming from all windows and the whole palace was ablaze. He forgot worshipping and his meditation and shouted to the king ‘The palace is burning!’ but the king was busy in his ritual and only said ‘Now it is burning, what can you do? There are people who are taking care, let’s first finish our ceremony.’ The Sadhu was too excited and said ‘But my bag is in there!’ Then the king smiled and said ‘My dear, my palace is burning and all my things are there, too. But what can you do about it now by getting upset and this much excited. The fire cannot cool down from this; you need to cool down first.’

And the young man realized and understood why his guru has sent him there: the king was a very wise man.

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  1. Pheona

    I take a lot away from this story. I am glad you shared.

  2. Emily

    This is a bit of an extreme example… but I see the point. We often have to let go of the things we can’t change in life. We should strive to improve all that we can, but we have to let go of the things that we can’t.

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