Do not live like an Animal – Realize yourself! – 30 Aug 08

Today Yashendu had a long Yoga Workshop which was called ‘Yoga Intensive’. Intensive here should not mean difficult Yoga postures but a variety of different postures and also philosophical topics. So he talked about the different paths of Yoga and also about human and his role in this world.

'What makes us different than animals? There are maybe 8.4 million different kinds of creatures on this world. All 8.4 million creatures have the same desires: they need to satisfy their hunger, have a place to rest and sleep and they have the instinct to reproduce. But only one, humankind, has the possibility to achieve wisdom. Only human has this intelligence not only to follow its instincts and senses but to go beyond that. We are reborn again and again, sometimes in the form of an animal, then we cannot do anything. Sometimes we are reborn into the human form and then we can realize what we are here for. We can realize our truth, our inner self. But so many people live their lives like this: they go to work, they eat, they lie down to sleep, on the weekends they go out and on Mondays they start work again. Eating, sleeping and dying, only this is not the life. You have to think about who you are, for what you are here, what is your purpose. Realize the truth and embrace love in your life. 

5 Replies to “Do not live like an Animal – Realize yourself! – 30 Aug 08”

  1. do you think that at some part of evolution many creature saw the potential for wisdom or more complicated thought process and simply shrugged their shoulders and kept digging in the grass? I wonder.

  2. Contemplating the purpose of humanity is fascinating. We have evolved to communicate with language, which is a big reason why we have the societies that exist today. Through communication we can work together to create change and positive growth. And yes, we have the capability for wisdom. But through our complex mental structure, we have also forgotten our natural instincts of the earth. We have fabricated what we desire in life and have forgotten the rhythms and harmony of nature. Something to consider as we move forward with technology, knowledge, and wisdom– how can we also include and protect our Mother Nature?

  3. It is so sad that many people do this; go through life not thinking or caring about the world or people around them. I wish everyone would open their eyes and see the beauty and love that surrounds them.

  4. The ability to learn and to refer our knowledge to the next generations makes us also unique and builds the difference between human beings and animals. And exactly that knowledge we should try to use to make our life more satisfied and happy, instead of following a routine.

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