The Trap of spiritual Seekers: an endless Search for an Illusion - 30 Jul 14

Yesterday I already hinted on my point of view that gurus and religion are responsible for making people seekers. I believe it is done intentionally – so that they have more power!

I told you how it happens: someone is not really happy in life. His family, his work, his finances or his love life, something is just not working out. He has the feeling he misses something but cannot really point out what. He turns to searching and seeking. What he finds, is an overwhelming offer of help from spiritual masters, gurus and even religions.

This person now calls himself a ‘seeker’ and is confirmed in the thought that he has lost something. He is made believe that he can follow someone who knows what he is missing. Who can show him the way. But he doesn’t realize that this search will never end!

Masters, gurus, religions, they all show you that there is something mysterious that you don’t understand, cannot grasp and that you can only find through them. You now have the task to go to searching but you can never solve this riddle, can never exit this maze.

Only with you, the person who believes he is a seeker, their business can run. They are successful only by having more and more people like you. By fooling them into believing that they can give them something. That they can lead them to a happier place. In reality, they don’t want you to find what you are looking for. Which is why you will always be running after an illusion. A projection of something unreal, invented. An ecstasy that is not real happiness.

Your unhappiness does not come from missing god. You won’t ever be satisfied by the imaginary things they can provide you. Because you were unhappy with something in your material life. You were missing love or appreciation, missing money or success, missing a friend or emotional support.

It is a lack of worldly things – and I count love into that as well – which made you start this search. And again I can only repeat: stop searching and you will find it. Don’t get trapped by someone whose business it is to offer illusionary solutions to seekers!

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