A Call for open Communication – because it helps! – 19 Oct 16


I have always been a believer in open communication. I believe in tolerance and freedom of speech. It may sound esoteric to you but I believe in love. Oh yes, that is a part which has stuck with me from my ‘more spiritual times’, if you want to call it like this.

I am seriously of the opinion that an open talk can help us understand each other. Whenever there is a conflict, there is usually the problem that someone doesn’t want to listen or refuses, due to his or her ego, to understand what the other one is saying.

There is a very logical approach to any kind of conversation. If you follow that, not involving your feelings and just listening attentively, storing information and bringing out your information in turn, you can actually reach somewhere. You may not be convinced of the other person’s point of view. Maybe you won’t even agree. But maybe, to some extent, you can understand why he thinks the way he does!

This is what is most important: if you start understanding the other one, you will also be able to react calmly to whatever he says, even if he doesn’t agree. You can make your own consequences for yourself but you don’t have to shout at each other or even get into a fight.

Obviously, you cannot leave out emotions completely. This means that you may get angry and you may also be sad. There can be disappointment and many more feelings, too. If you manage however to communicate openly and keep your emotions aside at least while talking, you can analyze them afterwards and see things more calmly – and with love!

Yes, because you will be able to afterwards contemplate about the whole situation from a point of love, thinking in a positive way about the things that were said and done. At that point you can then actually make a difference – because your decisions will be taken after understanding the complete situation and with a positive feeling behind them.

I am always ready for open communication – and I know it helps!


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