Only unsatisfied People ask for the Purpose of Life – 28 Jul 14


I recently had a session with a man who had some very typical questions. Obviously, when I have such a conversation with someone, I think of my blog and you readers, sure that you would enjoy sitting with us there, participating in the talk. As this obviously cannot be, I am writing our words down in this blog entry for you.

The man who came to me for an individual session told me that he was, all in all, actually quite content with his life. He was retired, had family and some hobbies he really enjoyed. Yoga was one of them. He added, however, that in his yoga class, there were many people who considered themselves seekers and who asked him whether he was not looking for answers to the ‘essential questions of life’: why am I on this earth? What is my purpose?

He added that now he had the feeling he needed to find an answer, too, or at least search for it. He had already considered different possibilities, among them the idea that this is just one of his many incarnations and he should live as well as possible so that he can reach nirvana one day, complete liberation. He asked me what I thought about this.

I replied that I believed all these questions were actually unimportant. You live here and now. As long as you are sitting here on this earth and have everything you could think of, why do you worry about this? You are healthy, you have food, you have a family and friends. You even tell me that you are really happy right now! So why does it even matter?

These questions are for those and of those who are unhappy. Who are not satisfied with what they have in their lives. You are here, now! Instead of concentrating on this, instead of making sure that you get what you are missing, you think of the time after this life!

Nobody knows what will come and what will be after we have taken our last breath. But I think it doesn’t actually matter. Really, it is not relevant at all for this very moment.

I think it is only religion and people who take benefit of the spiritual confusion of others who like to support such questions, make them bigger and bigger and thus present them as important which they are not at all.

Just be happy in the here and now. You are? Then don’t start searching for something that is missing or get confused about questions that don’t really have an answer anyway. Don’t let others bring you to this confusion! Be happy with who you are and what you have – you don’t need to start searching!

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