No Supernatural Powers and not a Member of the Esoteric Scene – 14 Apr 10


It is great to have positive experiences with the new way of healing but I also noticed that there are some people who always used to come to see me for healing when I was here but when they got to know about the change of healing method, they were not interested to come anymore. I knew them personally, too, because of all the years that I have been coming here and this is how I can imagine why some of them don’t want to come anymore: they are deeply in the esoteric scene and actually would like me to believe in the same way in miracles, materialization and similar things.

I was never in that scene which people call esoteric and of course, if someone comes to me, I always try to bring that person more into reality and into the love, to bring him or her down to earth. Until now, I was trying this but I believe that many were thinking I was doing exactly what they expected me to, that I have some kind of supernatural powers. They thought for me in a different way and actually this was one of the reasons for my change. People should not see me in the wrong way and see someone who I am not. I need to make clearer what I believe. Now they have no reason anymore to see me in this light, in the light of a guru and miracle healer, because I openly say that I don’t want that. Maybe they say now that I don’t have any power or energy anymore to give them because I changed.

I welcome this, too, and I knew that it could happen with this change. It is good that people are filtering, that those, who do not fit at all and who can never accept what I am talking about, do not even come to me. When I talked with Sonja about it, we realized that another group of people is needed if those who were there before cannot make this change. I don’t want people to come to me and expect magic, because they will be disappointed. They will either imagine things which are not real or they will hear that I don’t believe in it and leave with a bad feeling or disappointment. It is nothing new, when people come to my lectures they come with a certain expectation and sometimes people also left again because I am just not that. I want to spare them their disappointment; they do not need to come. I want to be here for people who are serious, who want to work with their life and heart and who are ready to change their thinking.

7 Replies to “No Supernatural Powers and not a Member of the Esoteric Scene – 14 Apr 10”

  1. Usually without consciously knowing it, something “esoteric” happens in any relationship of love. Though this is quite natural, it’s no less miraculous. If people are attracted to a particular spiritual teacher, or anyone for that matter, it’s often because of this extra special positive “magic” energy, or mutual exchange of this energy, that is … See Moreunconsciously felt in the interaction. There need not be any talk of the esoteric or the supernatural for this to happen. It happens naturally every day in all relationships of love.

  2. Whatever you say, OK, but I will always remember your healing sessions which helped me enormously last summer, Swami ji, and I am so looking forward to more this year.

  3. Thank you Swami Ji,I know that it would not make sense to be any other way. But I am very happy that there is someone to talk with for those who have suffered enough and would genuinely like to or would naturally step out of it at this point.

  4. I’m sure that the ways in which you help people are very amazing and beautiful. By using love, connection, and honesty, you show people the ability to heal for themselves. And the energy work of the Divine is extremely powerful! And if you are helping people to change their lives in these ways, I would call that a miracle. 😉