Enjoying the Change and Being at Home – 5 Oct 09


I love changes and my whole life long I have been changing in many different ways. I always accept the changes and think we all should be ready to go with time. I feel very good and am very happy with all these changes.

It is just very great to be at home, to play with Suraj, walk in the garden, sit on the swing with Naniji, talk with Ammaji and then have dinner together. It is just great and I am so happy. I see the children and just love how happily they play and what life they have. It is beautiful to be with Purnendu and Yashendu and everyone else.

Ashu asked me how it felt to be without beard and hair and I told him that it was great and felt very light. Then he also decided to shave and just for fun Purnendu also gave him company. We had lots of fun. For me being happy is the most spiritual practice that you can do. If you are happy, that’s it.

9 Replies to “Enjoying the Change and Being at Home – 5 Oct 09”

  1. hey guys….I LOVE your new outlook. Yahooooo. Amazing and you are radiating a lot of light and happiness from inside. I can actually SEE the vibration u sending out. Cant miss it:-) Now I know why Yashendu mentioning shaving off his beard…hihihih, he knew he was going to do this. Well, I will join you in not much longer time. I am happy too to see you like this, it is contagious….Blessings

  2. It is great when we can accept change. Then what are we really afraid of? Any change is just life– it’s not bad, just different. If we are open in this way, we won’t fear loss or even death. They are just more transitions and changes.