Yes, I am Calling you Names – 30 Nov 10


In the last two diary entries I wrote about two fake gurus: Sathya Sai Baba and Nithyananda. A friend yesterday asked me “I know you wrote about them before but you always kept it more general, talking about fake gurus in general. Now you even wrote their names and made very clear that you mean them. Why did you write in one way before and now in a fully different way?”

I first of all told my friends that the way that I am writing is actually still the same, my opinion has not changed. In that time I was writing in general about gurus and had some particular names in my mind. Now I write about these gurus but with that still want to give a message to the general public and less known gurus. Then and now however the message is the same: don’t run after gurus, they cheat, they claim to help you on your way while exploiting you and they pretend to be something that they are not.

When I started writing this message in my diary I thought I do not reveal exactly whom I mean. I did not want to insult anybody and I knew that many people who come to my lectures and workshops actually also go to some of these gurus’ workshops and retreats. There are several reasons why I now clearly say their names.

Some people said I should be careful, those who go to these gurus also give donations to the children of my school and they visit my workshops and lectures, too. I however openly invite everyone to get to know me and my views on this topic. Whoever likes it is very welcome to be my friend. Whoever doesn’t like it, is very welcome to leave. This is the difference between me and those gurus. I don’t want to hold and bind anybody to me or my projects. If you want to have a master who tells you what to do, don’t come to me. If you would like to have a friend, I would offer you my open arms. If you like what we do with those children in India, we will be happy about your support. If you would rather give a donation to a guru who builds a temple and sends you his questionable blessings, it is really only your choice!

The main and foremost reason for me to write those names is simple honesty. Why would I not say it? I have this name in my mind and it is just honest to write that name, too. I still do not want to insult anybody but I have the intention of warning people of cheaters. I don’t want them to have bad experiences, I don’t want people to waste their money while thinking that they will get enlightened, I want them to go their own way, responsible for themselves and without depending on somehow who doesn’t really care about them anyway.

If I only write in general, it can even be that some people don’t understand exactly who I am talking about. Disciples and devotees of different gurus tend to be blind regarding the faults of their master. They may read my diary and say that they agree but not realize that I directly pointed my finger towards their guru. Now I am doing this even more clearly so that nobody can look away. If you see your guru’s name, you cannot run away anymore from this confrontation: are you following a cheater?

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  1. Yes, it is honest to call them by they Name! I do like that you did !More then about safe Souls from wasting they money to Fake Gurus I worry about to safe them for wasting they Life time, they Faith, Trust and Love…
    at the end it is all …about right understanding 🙂 and every one has to follow they own path where ever it will lead them … we do not know what is truly good for them and what they do still need to learn and understand .

    Love, Peace and much Light to all 🙂

  2. I do fully agree, it`s great that you are mentioning the names.On the picture of my deskttop is a picture on which the HP adress of Sai Baba is mentioned. I haven`t realy thought about this mentioned HP and did never had a look for that page. Some month later a colleauge saw it and told me that this is a very famous Guru. I still didn`t tok much care about it, as I don`t realy take much care about Guru`s, as for me it is clear that I`ll never blindly follow another human as a kind of slave in mind. And I realy like the picture. 🙂 But after getting the information from you I`m now thinking about searching for another picture for my background as ever indian colleauge of mine seems to know this guy and I do somehow support this person.
    And this is the one of the last thinks I would like to support. 🙂
    What Ursula said is also good, may some people has to make there own experiance with one of this fake gurus.
    But it should be tryed to warn them.



  3. So many ways to be exploited out there on the quest for truth. I wonder why people attach themselves to different religions, pastors or gurus. I suppose we all figure there must be a truth out there and also there must be a group of people, led by someone, who has found it. Not quite true.

  4. Asmist the wisest teachers and surrounded by the wisest texts you won’t get any where unless you find your own solitude…your own space, by turning inward, watching yourself, becoming familiar with yourself and trusting yourself.

  5. It is so important that people talk about what is happening with these gurus and Swami Ji, I thank you for it. If no one talks about it no one will know.

  6. I feel that your “simple honesty” is a lovley way to approach these issues. The truth never hurts if we do not fear it but instead aim to allow it to set us free and those it does hurt because there ego is to big can only help themselves.

  7. I have never agreed with the phrase “absolute power corrupts absolutly,” but I see for foolish people this may be very true indeed. The most powerful people whom have the deepest effect on the hearts of the people around them are not corrupted by “power” because they never think in terms of power and never feel “powerful.” Those drunk with power seem to drive themselves to ruin.

  8. I don’t understand the mental space that people occupy when they believe in gurus or the unquestionable superiority of the Brahman casts. Most of my ugliest experiences in India surrounded gurus who demanded money or even beggers who told me they were Brahman because they thought that would suddenly warrent a donation. I still can’t believe the air about the people who felt so mighty. They would be the last people I would give money to, if I had any. They don’t need it. They don’t seem to deserve it. What have they done but grown fat off the poor? I really dislike these Gurus.

  9. It must feel strange to have people (not saying your firends have done wrong or that it has offended you) hold you to your words so closley as if the answer was in the words themselves. People see contradictions that are not there and if they understood what you ment entirley they would know there is no contridiction. Anwyas, thank you for your writing. I read it every day.

  10. Words can only accurately describe what has been made into something it is not. That is why what I have just said to you is inaccurate, not made to be agreed with or disagreed with and only points to something.

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