Feelings of Loss – Love stays in the Heart – 25 May 10

League City
United States of America

Today is the 25th May and since morning I have been remembering my sister whom we lost three and a half years ago. It is her birthday. Somehow Jeff, our host, also asked today if we didn’t have any more siblings. So I told him about her, that today is her birthday and about the accident in which we lost her.

And while talking, I realized – and I said it also – that the year before, on this day, we were sitting in the train from Austria to Germany, writing the diary and crying. We were very close and when I miss her, I always get sad. Yashendu said he was feeling sad this morning but I for myself feel today, talking about her and thinking of her, doesn’t make me sad. I am fine and when Jeff asked me about how I take this now, I said him that it was an accident and we lost her. This is the truth and we have to accept it but she is always in my heart, as is her love. So she is always there, in the heart and in the memory. Her love is present here with me.

4 Replies to “Feelings of Loss – Love stays in the Heart – 25 May 10”

  1. Jai Swami…Loss of the body is nothing to Love…or loss of the mind…either…Love will continue forever in the heart seed atom from birth to birth, the heart is the seat of Love and Light and can not be removed.

  2. Thirteen years back my Dady ji left his physical body. We all were shocked and in deep pain …i felt like i am in the worsest nightmare. It took me long time to understand and realiz that we can not lose a Soul even we do not see them anymore but they are present and more alive than we are. I can feel Dady ji and smell him even. At first it did … See More make me sad when this happend…but step by step I started to understand truly, the whloe creation is conactet and we all are going to the same gole …. direction to the Light pull by love 🙂 I am happy and feel so much love since I know you can never loos a Soul …. :)Hope this little sory can smooth one Soul 🙂
    Much love to all

  3. You lost your sister by accident swamiji, and you said nothing was lost swamiji, my mom is more than 90 strange, i feel that I am losing here everyday. meyn you re great, bow /m.

  4. It is so hard to understand the loss of a loved one. Even time cannot heal the void that is left. But on another level, the spirit and love of those who have died are eternal. We can always connect to their spirit, and when we also pass, we can be reunited with all spirits lost.Eternal love to the Goswamis.