An unexpected Donation in Times of Need – 17 Feb 09

Personal statement

With the number of children in our school growing, the expenses of the Ashram are getting higher and higher. I am anyway working all the time for these children and for their education. Somehow it seems that this world economy crisis is affecting our donations, too. This time we did not really get sufficient donations to take to India for the time that I will be there.

There will be festive time, Holi, and there are some projects which we want to do. We are making a documentary movie called ‘A Journey of love’ to tell people about our children charity projects and we have the idea to print this diary as a book. To finish the movie, which is 60 % done, we need some financial support. These are our projects and I always say to everybody in our team, when they are thinking or worrying about how it will work out: “Don’t worry, something will come. God provides for us and looks after us. We are having a good cause and lots of love, everything will be fine.” I always have this positive attitude but I also tell my friends about my situation and the situation of the Ashram. I told about it and I was also thinking about how it will work out. I did not know how, but in my heart I had the feeling that something will happen and that we will manage the situation. The children will not be hungry and we will keep up with our projects.

And one of my friends, whose name I do not want to disclose, one day gave an envelope with money in it and said: “I know your situation and this money is not being used at the moment. Maybe I will need it in future but now it is help for you to complete your project and help the children in the Ashram.” My friend knows me and that I do not have the nature of asking someone for money and she gave it from her love. I am very thankful from my heart for this, to this friend, to this universe, to God. I am so thankful for this support but I am not very formal so through my surprise I did not know how to say thank you. So I would like to do it in this way in my diary.

I said to Ramona: “You see, I said you, something will come, something will happen.” I have this trust that I get what I really wish for. It was like this and it is like this. I know that I will give it back but for now I am very happy that we have this support. And I know something will also come in future which will help us on our way. Now we are happy that we are flying to India today and have something with us which we can use at the Ashram.

We had a beautiful last day in Germany with Thomas and Iris, with whom we always stay before and after flights. It is always nice to be there, because it is also like home.


  1. Diane P.

    God does provide doesn’t he? I have heard many stories like this. A friend of mine who was trying to raise her son by herself ran out of money and couldn’t feed him, she just prayed and prayed and one day someone knocked on her door with a bag of groceries, they simply said “I don’t know why, but I felt like I should bring this food here.”What a blessing.

  2. Saundra

    Diane:thanks for sharing that. It really lifted my spirits.

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