It is okay if you do not like me or my opinion – 15 Aug 09

United States of America

Yesterday I was writing about my thoughts about gurus in the west and in India. When these gurus or their devotees or disciples hear and read my opinion, they often don’t like me anymore because they exactly follow what I don’t appreciate. But I say this and I have to be honest with my feelings. I say, if you like me, it is okay. And if you don’t like me, it is also okay.

Today we had a day off and our hosts Matt and Seva took us to have a more touristic day to the desert museum. I liked the wonderful nature of the desert, you can see hundreds of years old, amazingly big cacti and mountains surrounding us. It was very hot but we managed to keep ourselves cool with water and an umbrella.

At the Ashram they had a celebration with the children of the school today because the 15th August is India’s Independence day. They had some cultural program and Purnendu sent pictures of the children who performed.

Click here for pictures of the celebration

3 Replies to “It is okay if you do not like me or my opinion – 15 Aug 09”

  1. It is a great achievement to be so strong in yourself and so accepting of yourself that you don’t need the approval of others. There are certainly people who like us, but not everyone will! Accepting this fact means living in a more peaceful mindset and having good self-esteem.

  2. As long as you stay true to yourself there is nothing that can drag you down. There will always be someone who likes or loves what we do or the way we simply are. Instead of taking care of those who are full of negative energy and negative thoughts, it’s important to focus on the ones, that are there for you and because of you.