Predictions come after the Catastrophe – 2 Aug 10


Today we will fly back to India, so we upload the diary already in the morning and tomorrow’s diary we will write from Vrindavan. We are looking very much forward to be back at the Ashram in India again.

I wrote yesterday that you are complete as you are and I really mean it. I mean that you have everything inside yourself to cope with this life. You need to have trust and love, you do not need to go to any healer, psychic or any such person.

I have previously expressed my opinion about psychics and told that I absolutely do not believe in future-telling and fortune-telling. Nobody except for God can say what will come. After each big event and catastrophe, for example 9/11, the earthquake in Haiti or the big Tsunami, you can hear predictions and of signs and that Nostradamus or someone else had told this before. However this kind of prediction always comes afterwards! If it was possible to predict the future, why did nobody say anything before?

When I express this opinion, people could tell me: but you believed in astrology yourself! And it is true. I have made studies in it, as well as Yashendu, but as life is, it is always full of change. With times also belief can change. I may have believed earlier that your horoscope can tell you something about your future and destiny. Now I do not believe this anymore. My belief changed with the death of my sister. Nowhere in her birth chart did I read about this car accident. Nowhere was it written or indicated that her life would end in such young age. I think I am remembering her like I always do especially when I am ready to fly India.

No, nobody can predict the future, nobody knows it. The future is written in the stars but you cannot read and translate it. Don’t you think that may also be good like this? Maybe life would be much more complicated if you knew about tomorrow. It has its own beauty, the mystery of what will come next.

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  1. What I understand about life is that we are all here to learn and the only way to learn and truly to understand the lesson, for me, is if we really feel it on our own.But if we know the futures how we can learn any lesson? We will already k…now it will happen so we will take all kind off preparation for it. That way we will have
    no chance to feel it and thou this feeling to truly come to understand, so that we will not need to repeat this anymore :))

    So to me it make no sense if the futures can be told … and plus the fact that we have our free will 🙂 … you see it will be very very difficult to tell the future, Hai na ;-)See More

  2. The future IS written in the stars, as you say, because the spiritual realm of God is timeless– there is no future, there is just what IS. What will happen in the “future” always has been and always will be, from a spiritual perspective. And with this being said, the human mind is incapable of tapping into this timeless realm where the future is known. That is why we have free will every moment, unaware of what is to come; and we are shocked and uprooted when tragic accidents happen that we never saw coming. But I do believe that there is an awareness, an intuition beyond the human mind that does see the future. We can set waking consciousness aside and tap into this Divine awareness. We may not be able to re-filter it through the mind and predict certain events, but the awareness is there for us on some level. We are still learning.

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