Fantasy of Peace and Love without Borders, Religions or Ego – 2 May 09


Yesterday I wrote about destructive minds. Once I was sitting with friends and I was sharing my fantasy with them. Why can’t our world be without differences of race, without religions or casts? All humans should be same. There should only be the religion of love in which everybody believes. We all are just human and this one energy of the same soul is in everybody. Nobody is bigger or greater, nobody is more powerful and nobody is weak.

There should be no borders and no countries, we all live in the same universe on the same planet. We all are passengers who come for a short time and live in love and enjoy. There is no possession, no ego and no hate or anger. If there is no violence we don’t need any police or military and nobody could say anything else than the truth.

This kind of fantasy developed in my mind when I see that people fight in the name of religion. Wars were started because of land and somebody wanted to increase his possession and change the borders. I’m from this race and you are from this race. I have this colour, you have that colour. When we all feel same there is no ego, no possession.

I was talking in my flow and just telling my fantasies in a light mood with friends but then one of my friends said: ‘Swami Ji, it is a very beautiful fantasy but you know, in this world there are many people who have a criminal mind and whose thinking is destructive. They have fun in harming others. It has always been like this and it is now also like this. It is a nice fantasy but what will happen in this case?’ I agreed and said yes, it is true, but that is why it is a fantasy. This is what I was talking about yesterday and this is why there is violence, war and terrorism in this world.

Today we had a lot of visitors. In the afternoon Sabine came with her family and together with Regina and her family and we had nice afternoon. In the evening our friends Zelly and Mike were here with us for dinner and we enjoyed the beautiful evening together very much.

Yesterday we were talking about riots which take place on 1st of May and unfortunately it was a lot of violence yesterday. Thomas found news on the internet:

3 Replies to “Fantasy of Peace and Love without Borders, Religions or Ego – 2 May 09”

  1. Swami Ji, Your fantasy envisions a world without unconsciousness. It is very beautiful and it is also possible. I don’t understand while people get it into their mind that so few things are possible. I remember from visiting your Ashram that the world inside those gates was something more similar to the fantasy you have conjured than most places I have been. Laws AND PUNISHMENT, wars, murder, rape, greed, hierarchy, and other unconscious actions and infrastructures are consequences of unconsciousness, which will exist for as long as unconsciousness does. We do not know where the world will head. But I see that when the wise men or women that we have all heard about made their stain in history they were very few, a diamond in the rough. And now there are many people who are wise. And the information age is allowing these people to be heard and experienced all over the world. I think that it is unrealistic (I don’t mean to be insulting and I do understand this perspective) to say that unconsciousness is destined to prevail in the human psyche. We know that it is possible to become conscious and that the more people that do the easier it becomes for others. Thank you for sharing your “fantasy” Swami Ji and keep on dreaming!

  2. The more people there are to set a better example of how much better human relations can be, the more people will be influenced by them to also set a better example, and so on. It is quite possible that there will always be many who are mainly motivated by anger and avarice rather than love. But the more people there are who decide to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, the more chance there will be that the problems of human relations will be remedied.

  3. At this point, it seems as though that vision is a fantasy. But why not believe in it coming true?! I think that if we manifest that thought every day and work toward it, we could help the fantasy come true. And even if it doesn’t happen in our current lifetime…wouldn’t it be worth it anyway? It certainly wouldn’t hurt…