In Europe for the first Time – My Experiences – 3 May 08


Thomas and Iris left again home to Wiesbaden. It is nice to have these friends, this love. Yesterday and today we realized that the days are getting longer now. The sky is nicely bright until half past nine and starts darkening only in the next half an hour. When I was in Germany for the first time I was very surprised about this because in summer in India it does not get dark much later than in winter. It is maybe one hour difference. But here and when I was in Sweden it was even more surprising that there is light nearly the whole night through.

I did not know much about Germany when I came here the first time. I did not even know where exactly that is. Nobody had really told me anything about it, many things surprised me and I did not know much. Once, it was in the second year of my journeys in Europe, a friend from London called me and asked: "Where are you at the moment?" And I replied: "In Europe." He laughed. "But Europe is very big! You will know a bit more exactly where you are?" But I could not tell him. I was brought to and picked up from airports and train stations and could not remember any cities or places.

It doesn't really matter where you are. You create your own place everywhere. I told yesterday that I am not a tourist. I do not do sightseeing anyway and I have no orientation in a city even if I have been there several times. I do not give much importance to this. Being somewhere but not knowing where you are. We are on the same planet, under the same sky, on the same earth.

6 Replies to “In Europe for the first Time – My Experiences – 3 May 08”

  1. I enjoyed this Swami Ji!Thinking about traveling I remember that unconsciousness is found in similar forms no matter where you are. People will speak about one place being somehow more advanced than another. This is a strange thing to say. Everywhere you go there is consciousness and unconsciousness and mostly, it is unconsciousness. By unconsciousness I mean that people are entirely mind identified. They are not acquainted with inner space. This is the same everywhere, only with different details.

  2. I remember when I went to Europe for the first time. I was surprised to not really feel like I was in a country different from my own. Besides the languages, Western countries have a lot of similarities.

  3. did everything looks exactly the same to you? When I first traveled to Pakistan I had a hard time getting my bearings in town because the differences in the buildings where all the same, so I only saw one thing for the first few weeks “difference” and it was the same with recognizing the language. Then I learned my way! I was suprised how my mind was seeing things.

  4. When I moved to England, oh God! I could not believe how dark it was! the sun started setting around 3 in the afternoon and didn’t rise until 9. It was horrible. Don’t know how people live there.

  5. I feel that we are very affected by the amount of sunlight as humans. It changes our daily habits and patterns, as well as our moods. I think it would be very hard to live somewhere that had very short daylight hours in the winter. But I suppose it’s something you just get used to… We are meant to change our behavior and energy with the seasons anyway.