Emotions, Experiences and the Cocktail of Life – Year 2009 – 31 Dec 09


So today is the last day of this year. If I look back onto this year, it was filled with many experiences, sweet and sour.

In January we went to Scotland and met my nice friend Julie there whom I had not seen for quite a while. It was cold and windy but we had a great time!

In February we had a Chakra Dance Party with my friend Michael in Lüneburg on the Valentine’s Day and Yashendu could join having nicely recovered from his knee operation. Just some days later we flew back to India.

In March we celebrated Holi there with many colours and so much fun. And just as Holi has many colours we also experienced many different colours in our life in that time period.

In April we came back to Germany and spent the month in Wiesbaden with our friends Thomas and Iris, sorting things out with many changes.

In May we went to Austria for some days in Innsbruck before travelling to Cologne where we were lucky to get to know our friend Antje and her lovely family better.

In June we travelled through Germany and in the end of the month reached Copenhagen in Denmark where many old friends were waiting to receive us with an amazing Chakra Dance Party.

In July we landed in Manhattan, New York , USA and spent time with our friends Su and Jeremy discovering the best ice cream in New York.

In August we started travelling in the US, too, and collected beautiful but also some strange experiences in Tucson.

In September we had more time to explore New York before we flew back to Germany.

October started with a flight back to India where Regina, Jens and Celina and more lovely friends joined us. This month, too, had some surprises and new experiences for us.

The month of November we spent enjoying the time at the Ashram, with children and family.

In December Roland and Christina joined us here and together with some old friends from school we had an awesome Christmas Party!

And here we are, looking back onto this year and looking forward to the next one! Life is an experience, there is sweet and bitter, day and night, up and down, all mixed up but why to remember especially bitter times? Yes, there were moments in which you didn’t feel happy, satisfied and relaxed, you lose people but you also get new friends, have happy times and lots of joy, this is the cocktail of life! It was also the second year of writing the diary and of course the credit for this goes to Ramona.

5 Replies to “Emotions, Experiences and the Cocktail of Life – Year 2009 – 31 Dec 09”

  1. Swami Ji, I’m trying to imagine you and the family walking around New York together, smiling because you are happy and people looking at you like you are crazy for smiling or just not looking at all! Haha.

  2. It is amazing to look back on one year and see all of the incredible changes and occurrences that took place. You never could have known, on January 1st, all of the experiences and surprises you would face in 12 months. It is a long time, but a short time. It is the full cycle of the Earth around the sun. It is birth, growth, and death all in one. What a profound way to open your eyes to life and the present moment!