Spiritual Seekers Divided into Four Categories – 11 May 08


Yesterday you could read about four different kinds of questioners. With my work I really meet many spiritual people and these too, you could divide into four different types:

Type number one are the seekers. I also call them spiritually confused people. They are searching God everywhere and go from one seminar to another, from one healer to the other and never get what they want. They will never be satisfied. All the spiritual input that is on the market they absorb but are never satisfied.

People of the second type are good disciples. They are followers and if you read the last weeks of my diary you know that I like to think of these people as sheep. They need someone to tell them what to do and where to go.

Then there is the third type, the intellectuals. Always hungry for knowledge they are reading one book after the other and like to discuss and argue about the content. They make spirituality a mind game.

Number four are devotees. And I am talking about those who are devoted to love or God, not to a master or guru. They surrender themselves to love, they surrender their ego. In their heart there is so much love and compassion which they want to spread.

From all four types of people the last type I would call the real spirituals. You cannot find God if you are searching in the outside like the seekers do. You will not find love it you are in the mind like the intellectuals. Knowledge is not that important as knowing yourself. And followers are blind and missing the originality because they are hiding behind others. No, only the fourth type feels God inside and feels the love in the heart. They are in the feelings, not in the mind or the outside, They are not copying anyone. Only with this compassion and love, when you see God in yourself, in others and in love, then you are really spiritual.

Today Garrett from Ireland was here for a healing session. He visits me nearly each time when I am in Lüneburg and takes two or three healing sessions. When I met him the first time he had been suffering many years from depression and the healing sessions helped him a lot. He is fully fine now but he loves to come for the healing energy. I like his Irish humor. He asked me if people have Alzheimer’s in India too or if it was a western problem because of the culture and because everybody here seems to be living in the mind. After a long time the mind is tired. I said that there, too, there are cases of Alzheimer’s but I heard that here it is very frequent. And Garrett told that in the 80’s people said that smoking can prevent you from getting Alzheimer’s. However the only reason for this would be that you die of lung cancer before you get old. We laughed. I love this kind of humor.

6 Replies to “Spiritual Seekers Divided into Four Categories – 11 May 08”

  1. If you are reading this and looking to “type” yourself and figure out how spiritual you are or if Swami Ji would approve you are missing the value of this entry. Categorization can be a helpful guide to free you not to further solidify your identity and the above observations can be very useful to you. If you read this and feel guilty or worried that you are doing something wrong in your spiritual journey relax, take a breath and trust your own heart. Everyone’s journey is different.

  2. I think everyone seeks but that there is no spiritual. So I agree with Cheryl that there are different labels. Whether you follow someone under the label of classical philosopher, pop star or spiritual guru, everyone follows someone at one point or another. everyone looks for their place in some arena. But there is no spirit, no outer god, only the observer. Only the seeker.