Lecture Time and Holiday Time – 28 Sep 08


Now all our Yoga students are here and tomorrow we will start this teacher training course. Tomorrow the new moon ceremony will take place, too. I described it on one of the last days. We have the fifteen days to think about those who are not in their bodies anymore. On these days we show our respect and love to them. Many people are invited tomorrow to the Ashram and we will celebrate with them and do the ceremony with them. From different places of the world people requested to take part.

Ramona gave me the schedule today of the lectures that I will give in the yoga teacher training and I said her to keep it and to tell me on the particular day when I have lecture because I am not really used to keeping a schedule when I am here. These are normally my holidays so I am in a relaxed mood and like to enjoy the time with children or my family. After a busy tour with healings, activities and daily program it is nice not to have to take care of the time.

Maybe you remember that I wrote about one group from Chile coming to the Ashram. They asked me to give a lecture but very softly, with nice words, I refused their request and said ”Sorry, this is my holiday time, just enjoy being here. I don’t give lectures here, we can have casual, relaxed talk and you can of course ask me but not in a formal way.”

Actually I also like to keep silence a bit more. I have talked already about silence and how nice and sweet it can be. After all talking that I do – and like to do – also when I am out of India, I enjoy being in peace, calm and silence here. Our yoga student group especially flew here from Germany to have ten days classes in the Ashram and in India, the land of yoga, so of course I can imagine they are looking forward to the lectures. I am also very happy to have them all here and I will also enjoy giving lectures for them. Anyway my lectures are never really formal. All students seem to be happy and enjoying here in the Ashram.

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  1. How was it when you got out of the cave? could you hear noises while you were in there? was it hard to see people afterward? I imagine you would need a lot of silence once you got out.

  2. I have noticed that when people in the west talk about “freedom” from one another they use it in a different way that I usually use the word. They would use it to describe the power to do what is healthy for themselves. Something like saying “Sorry, this is my holiday time…” There is a remarkable amount of pressure to not behave in such a way. Your actions are for your boss, your career, your family, etc. While Americans may seem very independent, time for yourself and personal choice or options, or time in general can be very very scarce.

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